Smart Classes


The organized outcomes at BRGS, Indirapuram; Increases and improves the knowledge and skills of students. Enhances the ability of the students to think practically and boost their reasoning skills.

We aim to provide equal exposure to academics, sports, and extracurricular excellence to make the students challenge-ready. The digital classrooms and our award-winning holistic framework take learning beyond academics, making it a truly innovative process for student growth. Our interdisciplinary teaching gives students a powerful opportunity to apply knowledge, principles and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously. For example, an English Creative Writing class can include an essay on 'The Digestive System - Journey of a salad through your body' which is essentially a science lesson.

BRGS, Indirapuram has initiated specialized programmes that empower and foster students boosting their knowledge. Value added programs like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), IDP (Individual Development Plan) give students practical, conceptual thinking and a logical bend. We believe in keeping pace with 21st era technology and utilize technology to enhance the learning experience and provide the best education. The project and activity based teaching methodologies make us one of the top 10 CBSE schools in India.

Exceptional Academic Track record: Our students’ knowledge and cross-curricula talent stand at the forefront of BRGS success. The majority of our students each year score extremely good grades in exams while cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership, and teamwork. Today BRGS is recognized as one of the top 10 CBSE schools in India due to its excellent results every year. Our outstanding results give us top rank among the best CBSE schools in Indirapuram , making us the parent’s first choice for CBSE admissions.

It is the goal of the educational programme at BRGS Indirapuram to give students the skills they need to succeed in the real world. Experiential learning and multi-disciplinary teaching approaches are part of the educational curriculum, which encourages students to participate actively. The CBSE approach, which is built on the ideals of Indian educational philosophy, and new-world knowledge combine to provide an individualised curriculum for our students.

Educators at our school are instructed to use age-appropriate strategies for teaching students with differing levels of comprehension. Instructors ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of topics, settings, and also scenarios in order to assist them develop into competent and capable learners. The Central Board of Secondary Education's guidelines will undoubtedly be adhered to throughout the educational programme. There is a wide range of topics covered in the instructional programme, which is organized by subject matter experts. Before entering the primary grades, students acquire a wide range of academic and life skills from a diverse group of teachers who teach lessons in everything from languages and Math to Science and Social Studies to PE and Art (Nursery and also Preschool).

Independent thinkers, responsible individuals, creative problem solvers, and decisive decision-makers will be in high demand in the twenty-first century. BRGS, Indirapuram has actually developed a Pre-Primary programme with this long-term vision in mind in order to encourage a love of understanding among younger students.

Grades Pre-Nursery

When it comes to educating children aged three to five, it's important to keep in mind that they're still in the formative stages of their development in all of these areas. Students in their early twenties differ greatly in their ability to learn and the cost they are willing to pay for new information. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all students while also providing a safe haven where they may learn and grow without feeling exposed to other students.

During the Pre-Primary years, students learn about and become involved in their immediate environment via a combination of self-directed play and unstructured activities.

A special emphasis is placed on creating a learning environment that encourages students to absorb new information through active participation, visual stimulation, and attentive listening. Students might begin to have a broader perspective on the world around them by participating in these activities.

In the Pre-Primary years, gaining good self-worth and growing self-confidence through easy tasks is a key objective. By using the six senses, students are given a wide range of opportunities to enhance their cognitive and physical skills. Learn to express various emotions, understand basic social relationships and also participate with the natural environment.

The First and Second Decades (Grades I— V)

Language, the arts, mathematics, history, and scientific enquiry all get their start in our Primary curriculum. Its dual purpose is to educate students about useful subjects and create the groundwork for future learning, while at the same time helping them develop their psychological and also social qualities and become more self-confident and also fearless. In this way, we are able to meet the needs of all of our kids while also providing a strong educational foundation for them.

Creative thinking and intellectual curiosity are also emphasized in addition to building competence. The educational curriculum ensures that students acquire and develop key values, concepts, and also talents that aid them in understanding the world in which we live. Co-curricular activities such as art, music, dance, sports, and computer system education and learning round out the school’s curriculum.


The Language Arts department at Bharat Ram Global School Indirapuram thinks that literature and composition in the English language are pertinent for developing strong readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. Students develop the stamina and skills necessary to tackle more intricate works of fiction, nonfiction, and other material appropriate for their age group throughout the middle school years. Specific components of reading, such as diction and spelling, are given due consideration. In addition to expanding their vocabularies, students will broaden their horizons through reading works of literature from around the world.


Students at BRGS, Indirapuram follow the Central Board of Secondary Education's standards for mathematics instruction, but they also master the most effective teaching methods from throughout the world. In addition to number concepts, digit calculations, mental math, problem-solving and patterns and functions, the curriculum also covers dimensioning, geometric concepts, fractions and decimals. In the Primary years, we make it a priority to ensure that students have a solid grasp of fundamental mathematical concepts.


Topics covered in Social Studies include history and geography, as well as such diverse things as human evolution and the history of India. To guarantee that classroom discussions are beneficial and relevant to current social and cultural trends, a wide range of publications, external recommended materials, current information, and write-ups are used. A student's introduction to the concept of research and self-directed learning occurs during the Key years of schooling. Social Research studies are brought to life in the classroom by incorporating school outings, art projects, films, guest lecturers, function plays, and several other expressive activities.


This is a glance into logical reasoning and theories concerning how our universe operates in scientific research courses in the Main years. Teachers select their study topics to ensure a healthy balance between the curriculum and the interests of their students. Students learn about testing and logical reasoning via hands-on activities in our junior scientific research lab. While working together in groups, students learn the fundamentals of scientific theory and develop the skills necessary to apply class material in a controlled laboratory environment

The goal of BRGS is to provide students with the academic and technology skills they'll need to succeed in the modern world.