Our Edge

Habits of Heart & Habits of Mind

To provide a thoughtfully created environment that gently stimulates the child’s innate potential and lovingly guides the child to manifest keen interests, sharp intellect, good habits, values and etiquette. BRGS (Bharat Ram Global School) children are groomed to make a difference in life. They are engaged in valuable experiences and exposures which prepare them to meet life’s challenges head-on. The multi-faceted education at BRGS helps transform children into multi-faceted personality and successful leaders. We pride ourselves in developing the ‘Habits of Heart & Habits of Mind’ Our fervent endeavor is to ensure that each student is endowed with these “habits” with them when they leave us – the qualities and traits that are hallmark of every Bharat Ram Global School student – That’s our way of learning beyond!

Our Curriculum

Our school programme has been carefully crafted to develop and nurture young minds that enjoy the challenges of inquiry, knowledge and experimentation in a happy, positive and safe atmosphere. We pride ourselves in developing the ‘Habits of Heart & Habits of Mind’.

Habits of Heart & Habits of Mind are ways that a school can articulate the thinking and emotional dispositions that students need, allowing it to focus its resources.

Habits of Heart : Habits of Heart are a collection of emotional dispositions designed to help people develop their social-emotional intelligence. Habits of Heart help people care for, identify with, and honor others, and respect the emotions and rights of others and how they see the world. The phrase also describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage one’s own emotions and those of other individuals and groups.

Habits of Mind : Habits of Mind are a set of thinking dispositions that help people develop their critical and creative thinking skills. They are the characteristics of what intelligent people do about problems whose resolution is not immediately apparent. That is, these are the mental habits individuals can develop to render their thinking and learning more self-regulated. The Habits of Mind are not designed to be thinking tools; rather they are designed to be dispositions adopted when using a thinking tool.